Tirin – Tartu county series of food events

The wide-ranging food events series Tirin (tureen) kicked off in July 2023 and will run until December 2024, unfolding as dozens of separate events across the county. The series involves various parties and introduces the best practices in Tartumaa’s food sector. There are activities for children, the elderly, families and professionals, as there are events catering for every taste: there are training sessions as well as cafe days, fairs and tasting tours, etc.

We are continuously updating the programme schedule, including links to additional information.

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11th of August The Delicious Food Route

Drive about 15 minutes from Tartu and you’re there. Embark on the almost 8 km long food tasting journey in Kastre municipality from Suurekivi crossroads to Sillaotsa school or vice versa. The gates and in some places the doors of the homes open to the home cafes that offer delicious local flavours. There is a selection of both savoury and sweet, as well as soft and crispy delicacies.In some places, you can listen to the music while enjoying your meals, in other places you can chat with the hosts or your children can have fun on the playground. Come and find out what is on offer in home cafes and bring your friends along as well! 

7th of September Buffet day on the Onion Route➚

There are open gardens and courtyards, local food prepared with love and care, enjoyable meetings and a cultural programme. In mid-September, locals open the doors to their lovely homes and offer the food using best recipes handed down from generation to generation. It is a day full of joy, good local food and meet-ups with old friends and interesting local people.Locals open their yards and gardens, they cook and bake, clean and build. Welcoming buffets open their doors from Varnja to Ranna and from Haavakivi village to Nina village. Buffets are open from 11-18, almost all buffets have activities for children and besides tasty flavours, there are things on offer for other senses (exhibitions, performances) as well.  

14th of September Ülenurme Autumn Fair and Livestock Exhibition Tõuloom➚

On the first Saturday of September, the Ülenurme Autumn Fair and the Livestock Exhibition Tõuloom will take place at the Estonian Agricultural Museum featuring the magnificent livestock! You can see various farm animals in the arena, including cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits and quail. The demonstrations of sheep shearing and hand milking will be organised. There is a traditional autumn fair, selling farm food, handicrafts, seedlings and other exciting things. Food lovers can participate in workshops, children can have fun in the children’s area and families can enjoy musical performances from various groups.

14th of September Kavastu Ukha and Fish Festival➚

The Kavastu Uhka and Fish Festival starts with the fish soup cooking competition in the Kavastu manor park. Teams are judged by a professional jury – on serving, appearance and taste among other things. Pre-registered teams of three can participate and the competition is time-limited. The organisers give the competitors a packet of fish and firewood necessary for making a fire. In addition to the fish soup competition, there will be several fishing-themed and aquatic life-introducing workshops for all age groups. Musicians set the mood and get the party going. The unique Kavastu raft is open.  

21st of September Dinner in the Castle – Food Culture on the Onion Route➚

There are five high-quality drinking training dinners, where we introduce the participants to local flavours, both food and wine. As each dinner is new and different, attendees are offered a unique experience every time. The acquired knowledge helps the participants to develop their palates and apply what they learned in their work, for example when developing the menus of their catering company.

30th of September – 5th of October Open dining halls in Elva municipality

For a week, anyone interested can visit the Elva municipality dining halls, where they are offered a school lunch. It brings people closer to school lunches and dispels myths from the old days that said school food was bad. The week of open dining halls culminates with a family day, which brings together local farmers and entrepreneurs who offer their produce to both private individuals and caterers. You can find food-themed activities for both children as well as grown-ups – from workshops to theatre.  

Sept-Nov 2024 Cookery School

The Cookery School series of the Agricultural Museum is a good opportunity to test delicious recipes, share tips and enjoy great food experiences in good company. Cooking enthusiasts of all ages are welcome. At every meeting, we delve into a new and exciting topic. Take a look at photos and video.

Sept-Nov 2024 Let’s meet at the bakery

The Agricultural Museum’s midweek meet-up “Let’s meet at the bakery” is a great opportunity to spend the morning in a jovial company. Together we prepare delicious food and share tips on how to cook in a fun and affordable way. We enjoy the food we prepared and share our thoughts at the common table. After cooking, we will do some crafting. Each gathering has a separate theme for both food and crafts. The workshop is primarily intended for the elderly who miss socialising and doing fun activities together.  

5th of October Nature Barge Cranberry Trip➚

We will start and finish the cranberry trip at the RMK Kantsi campfire site. We will sail downstream along the primeval Emajõgi River going through Suursoo, take a peek into Lake Peipsi and then continue to the unique Praaga village on the mainland, accessible only by water, to pick cranberries, the vitamins for the winter. There is a nature guide on board who will tell you about the ship and the shoreline. We offer tea and coffee on the barge and you can bring your own picnic food. Be sure to bring a basket for berries and wear tall wellies!   

November 2024 Flavours of the Onion Route. From Old Believers’ tea to craft wines

Together with the guide, you will visit five local service providers in one day. In addition to the three local cultures (Russian Old Believers, Estonian peasant culture and Baltic German manor culture), each place offers characteristic food and/or drink and the hosts talk about the local food culture. Guiding is offered according to need and possibility in English or Estonian, service providers speak mostly in English.

Past events of 2024

16.01.2024 Let’s meet at the bakery – golden pumpkin dishes

25.01.2024 Cookery School – lentils and pastry

13.02.2024 Saame Kokku Leivatares – pannkoogipäev➚

12.-16.02.2024 Lotte invites you to dinner

8., 15., 22., 29.02 and 7.03.2024 Training: Special catering and special food on the menu

19.–23.02.2024 Flavours of Tartu County in the Market Hall

22.02.2024 Cookery School – barley

23.02.2024 Dinner in the Castle – Food Culture on the Onion Route

12.03.2024 Let’s meet at the bakery – curd

21.03.2024 Cookery School – beetroot

6.04.2024 Dinner in the Castle – Food Culture on the Onion Route

15.-28.04.2024 Tastes of Elva➚

11.05.2024 Fish buffet day on the Onion Route➚

19.05.2024 The opening event of Luke Manor with a cafe day➚ (website only in Estonian)

23.06.2024 Cake Auction



13.08.2023 The Delicious Food Route, take a look at the photos and video

9.09.2023 Kavastu Ukha and Fish Festival, take a look at the photos and video

14.10.2023 The Cookery School, take a look at the photos and video

26.10.2023 Dinner in the Castle – Food Culture on the Onion Route, take a look at the video 

Find more information from the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 Southern Estonia community programme.

Love’s a cooking in Tartumaa!

Additional information:
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