Tartu County Food Region

For the development of Tartu county food region, Tartu county food strategy 2022-2023 and Tartu county food network have been created. The coordinator of the strategy was Tartu County Development Association, the strategic process was carried out with the support of OÜ Cumulus Consulting who also helped to put together the final document. Around 100 private, public and third sector representatives, who also form the basis of the Tartu county food network, took part in the process.

Tartu county food industry is strong and versatile. Tartu county food network’s particularity is the existing potential of science and innovation based on universities and development organisations active in the field. Tartu county network is different from other similar networks due to its broad reach and diversity, it includes the representatives of large and small producers, caterers from both urban and rural areas, public institutions (including universities), event organisers and many more. In addition, Tartu county has favourable natural conditions and a sufficiently large local market.

As of 1st April 2024, Tartu county food network has 136 members, including six individuals and 110 representatives from different institutions and businesses. Many of the members represent several fields.